Here you can read minutiae about Juke of Flow music - life doesn't get more exciting than this.


Few places suit me more than eastern Andalucia. It has a sparse beauty and a deeply cultured soul. This track is my watercolour impression of the place, I wish I could paint in oils. It began life in 2005 and this is its 4th iteration, the original and longer version now long lost.

Guitars and synths  - Juke. Drums may be edited loops by Bill Bruford (can't remember).

Juke of Flow began in the early 2000s on ACIDPlanet, a community of musicians using ACID technology. Originally intended to be a virtual band with a fluid membership, a bit like the Plastic Ono Band but without the genius, it didn't really work out. A handful of people contributed though, most notably my sometime collaborator Dante Pozzi.

Who's the One the White Light Has Blessed is the second ever Juke of Flow track and dates from that time. The backbone of this version was rescued from a lofi wma file hence the poor sound quality. Thanks to Dante for sending it to me.

In 2006 a band from Scotland asked for a rewrite of a song of theirs, Water Flow was my response. I used only their original vocal track, completely rewriting the instrumental parts. I liked it, everyone I played it to liked it but upon release no-one else liked it. Someone said the vocal was too Scottish though how something from Scotland can be too Scottish is beyond me. Oh well.

This version is essentially the middle part of the original with the vocal removed and a bit of extra slap.

Guitars, bass & synths - Juke. Vocal samples - Clara Sorace. Everything else - loops & jiggery pokery.

Make time to dance and embrace.